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Metaquotes-inspired Icons

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Welcome to metaicons, the comm for metaquotes-inspired icon goodness. The rules, such as I can think of at the moment, are:
  1. Icons must be based on metaquotes posts and/or comments.
  2. A link to the post or thread should be provided.
  3. Icons posted should be your own, or clearly credited to their creator.
  4. Icons taken absolutely must be credited to their creator.
    • A bit of a nod to the comm would be fun, too.
  5. Cut for:
    • Non-worksafe icons
    • Big groups of icons
    • 10000-pixel squares of spoilage
  6. If you're a bit like Anne Rice and the thought of other people posting with your icons upsets you terribly, or you have other special sharing needs, then it'd be nice if you mention them nice and close to the icon.
  7. If you want to: